About Us

The Library Foundation of Washington County, Oregon (LFWC Oregon) exists to support the Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) and Washington County Law Library (Law Library). The Law Library and WCCLS are separate departments of Washington County, Oregon’s second largest county. They share the goal of providing or supporting access to information resources by the public and serving a diverse county containing large and small cities and unincorporated areas, and an ethnically and culturally diverse population.

The Foundation is independent of the Law Library, WCCLS, and Washington County. However, the Law Library manager and WCCLS manager each sit as unpaid ex officio members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors to facilitate communication between the Board’s public members and the organizations the Foundation supports. LFWC Board members are volunteers representing the interests of legal services and public libraries. The Foundation does not engage in political lobbying, and has no paid staff or plans to pay staff in the future.

The Library Foundation does not raise money for day-to-day library operations. The Foundation and WCCLS and the Law Library will work together to determine where private funds in support of libraries should be spent in order to have the greatest impact for Washington County residents.

The Foundation promotes the activities of both the Law Library and WCCLS through enhancing services and resources supported by fundraising events.  Law Library services include outreach to Oregon lawyers and the non-legal community to access legal and procedural materials to aid in researching Oregon Law.  WCCLS objective is to use money from fundraising activities to enhance countywide library services, such as books by mail to homebound residents, early literacy outreach, and countywide programming such as summer reading and The Art of the Story storytelling festival.